Denzil Wraight Harpsichord


Copy made in 1980 of Florentine harpsichord of c. 1600 with reconstruction of its presumed original keyboard with extra chromatic keys

Cembalo Cromatico


Reconstruction of Italian cembalo cromatico with 19 keys per octave made 1987 -

Descartes split-key keyboard


Keyboard made by Willard Martin (Bethlehem, PA), 1999, as alternative 19-note keyboard for ‘normal’ cembalo cromatico of 1997. As seen in the photograph, there are two split natural keys.

Organo di Legno by Bernhard Fleig


You can download the booklet about this organ here.

For the arciorgano built by Bernhard Fleig for the Schola Cantorum in Basel, see: